A Guide to Conveyancing

Posted on: 9 January 2019

One of the essential services when buying property is conveyancing services. A property conveyancer is an individual who handles the legal aspects of property sales. Below is a guide to the conveyancing process.

Why do you need a conveyancer? 

The conveyancer will help out with the following things: 

  1. He or she will conduct due diligence to ensure that the person selling the property is its actual owner.
  2. The conveyancer will help you negotiate the property price. This might be beneficial if the other party also has a conveyancer.
  3. The conveyancer will let you know of any zoning regulations that may restrict certain kinds of land use.
  4. If you are taking out a mortgage, a conveyancer can link you with lenders and also communicate with your bank regarding payments.
  5. Conveyancers draft a contract of sale reflecting the agreement between the two parties.
  6. The conveyancer will also advise you regarding any taxes you owe the government.
  7. Your conveyancer will follow up to ensure that the property's title transfers in your name.

At what stage should you hire a conveyancer

Preferably, you should hire a conveyancer the moment you decide to buy property. In such a way, the conveyancer has adequate time to conduct due diligence and contact the seller's conveyancer. 

How do you find a conveyancer?

Ask friends or family to recommend a reputable conveyancer to you. Alternatively, you can also conduct an online search on conveyancers with positive reviews. Most conveyancers have sufficient experience in handling the sale of homes; however, if you are buying a huge property where multiple parties are involved, inquire if the conveyancer has handled such deals in the past. Preferably, look for a conveyancer who is affiliated with a professional association. Such conveyancers observe strict professional guidelines on pricing and client complaints. Technological advances have led conveyancers to offer online services. Do not be afraid to hire an online conveyancer. However, ensure that you validate his or her credentials before hiring him or her.

How much does conveyancing cost? 

Conveyancers have different pricing strategies. As such, compare quotes from a few conveyancers before hiring one. If you happen to change your mind about buying the property, you will still have to pay the conveyancer. If you are unhappy with the conveyancer, you can lodge a complaint with either his or her office or the professional body.

Conveyancers help out with handling the legal aspects of property sale. Ensure that you hire a reputable conveyancer. Also, inquire about the conveyancing costs before hiring the conveyancer.