How To Choose A Family Lawyer

Posted on: 11 January 2023

Family lawyers are professionals specialising in legal issues that impact family relationships. For example, they could help with divorce, separation agreements, prenups, and adoption. Choosing a family lawyer can be a challenging task for most people.

This article offers insight into finding a family lawyer.

Assess The Lawyer's Specialisation 

Family lawyers specialise in varying fields. For instance, some lawyers specialise in adoptions while others deal with divorce and separation matters. Conduct due diligence to ensure your lawyer has a winning history in the matter that you need representation. Moreover, you could inquire about the lawyer's strategies. For example, if you intend to conduct an overseas adoption, ask the lawyer how they will structure your case to guarantee a positive response from the case officer. Alternatively, if you need to counter a sole custody request from your spouse, ask the lawyer how they will mount a defence. Such information helps improve your confidence in the lawyer's services. Nevertheless, remember to provide your lawyer with accurate information. Otherwise, they could get blindsided as they represent your interests. 

Examine The Lawyer's Services

Your family lawyer should offer a comprehensive package to prevent you from seeking the services of third-party providers. For instance, you might need the services of a private investigator to collect evidence regarding your spouse's behaviour during your marriage. This information can help you prove their violent nature, drug addiction, or financial misdeeds during your divorce. Your family lawyer should have the skills and personnel to handle such issues. 

Sometimes, you might not be available to meet with your lawyer physically. For instance, you might have a busy schedule or some business abroad. As such, consider lawyers offering online services. Always evaluate how the lawyer structures online consultations. For example, when do they consult with clients? What modes of communication does the lawyer prefer? What measures does the professional take to guarantee the client's privacy? This way, you choose a lawyer offering personalised and customised services. 

Check The Conditions Of the Contract 

Once you engage the family lawyer's services, they will issue you a contract detailing the services they offer and the conditions of engagement. Review these conditions to ensure they favour your situation. For example, depending on the complexity of your case, the lawyer could restrict contact with the other party. Alternatively, they could ask you to keep off social media. Finally, check and negotiate the lawyer's pricing. For instance, you could ask the lawyer to discount online consultations.