3 Ways a Conveyancer Can Help You Make Real Estate Transactions Without Complications

Posted on: 30 November 2020

Land transactions involve a lot of money. If you are buying land for development, it means that the transaction also carries important business development goals. Therefore, you cannot afford to make mistakes that will cost you money or delay your project. The only strategy to protect you from these mistakes is by hiring a conveyancer.

Failure to follow the right conveyancing processes can lead to complicated legal issues, which might ruin your investment plan. Here are three ways a conveyancer can help you transact without any complications:

They Will Make the Right Pre-Exchange Searches

The conveyancer will do the right searches to ascertain that the land belongs to the seller. They will also do regular searches about the local land rates and local authority searches and demands. 

These basics will assure you that the land legally belongs to the seller and that you can afford the local rates and charges.

Some other searches are discretionary. For instance, if you want to develop your land, you should confirm whether the area floods or if there are mining activities on or near the land. These details might seem inconsequential, but they might change your property exchange process.

They Help You Understand the Property Rights

There have been lots of issues with property rights over the past few years. These issues persist because some sellers and solicitors do not tell buyers about the essential details on whether the land should be sold as a leasehold and whether there are rent provisions. The problem with buying a property that has these restrictions is that it might become impossible to sell in the future. 

The only effective strategy to avoid complications is by having a conveyancer search for all the property rights related to the land. The professional will help you understand the restrictions and property rights of the land you are planning to purchase.

They Help You Ascertain Property Access Rights

Another complication after a property transaction is when the buyer realizes the land had an easement or other covenants. If you want to develop a private residence, and your neighbour has permission to create a path through your property, you will not achieve privacy. The best thing to do is to choose property without an easement. An experienced conveyancer will help you choose the right land for you.

Conveyancing professionals will make your real estate transactions smooth and efficient. If you work with a conveyancer, all your land transactions will be safe and fast.