3 Tips for Winning a Child Custody Hearing

Posted on: 31 March 2021

There is no doubt that the breakdown of a marriage can have a devastating effect on the family fabric. Once couples divorce, they have to fight for child custody, a process that can be emotionally tiring. It is true that most parents want the best for their children and prefer full custody. On the other hand, most courts agree that a 50/50 is the best child custody arrangement. However, there are instances when a child should live with one parent. If you believe that you are in such a situation, you must convince a court through your lawyer. This article highlights tips for winning a child custody hearing. 

Respect Your Ex -- Divorces are not always pretty, and they can turn the best of friends into the worst of enemies. Some partners go to the extent of cutting off communications or badmouthing their exes. If your ex's lawyer even gets a whiff that you disrespect your spouse, they will use it against you in a family court, and a judge will not take such allegations lightly. Therefore, you should resist any urge to focus on your ex-partner's shortcomings and elevate yourself. Instead, show a court that you respect your ex-partner by fostering a positive relationship with them for the sake of your children. 

Anticipate and Neutralise Ex's Criticisms -- Just because you show respect to your ex does not mean that they will reciprocate. Some ex-partners do not mind diving at the opportunity to criticise and portray the other parent as horrible. Therefore, you should try to anticipate such criticisms and prepare to neutralise them. For instance, if you believe that your ex will use your busy work schedule to claim that you are not always around for your kids' birthdays, dig out receipts of presents and trips you have always taken to make up for your absence. It will send a clear message that you try to do the best for your kids despite your schedule.  

Keep Children Out of It -- It is a fact that the focus of custody hearings is children. However, family courts and judges have little respect for parents that try hard to involve their kids in child custody hearings. Unfortunately, some parents are tempted to share the details of child custody hearings with their children. It is wrong to place the burden of adult issues on your children, and the best thing you can do is keep them out of everything regarding the case. Please leave it to a family court judge to decide whether to involve your children or not. A parent that shields their children from child custody proceedings improves their chances of winning. 

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