3 Pitfalls That You May Get Into When Buying Your Dream House

Posted on: 23 May 2018
When buying a home, it is okay to expect that everything will go smoothly from the moment you communicate with the buyer to the closing date. However, this is not always the case during these transactions. Buyers often find themselves in pitfalls that cost them money, lose them valuable time and lead to complications down the road. It is in your best interest to be aware of such pitfalls beforehand so that you can make proper inquiries and protect your interests throughout the purchase process.
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Estate Planning: Identify the Signs that Your Beneficiaries Will Fight Over Your Estate

Posted on: 19 April 2018
When planning your estate, you are determining how the property will be divided once you are gone. Unfortunately, when it comes to will execution, most family members and beneficiaries take the matter personally. Even where the law has made explicit provisions about the process, family members may end up fighting if they feel that the division was not done reasonably. As the estate owner, it is essential to understand this possibility so that you can take measures to prevent contests to your will after you are gone.
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Three Critical Planning Tips for Potential Franchisees

Posted on: 7 March 2018
Prospective small business owners favour franchising because of the relatively low risk. In general, when an individual establishes a completely new enterprise, they must build the brand from nothing. The chances of failure are quite high. However, if the business is linked to a popular franchise, there will be no significant concerns related to brand recognition. However, this does not mean that you are guaranteed success if you become a franchisee.
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What You Should Expect During Adoption Home Studies

Posted on: 29 January 2018
People who are planning to adopt a child are often apprehensive when they are told that representatives of the adoption authorities will visit their homes to assess their suitability to adopt a child. Such apprehension may be due to being unaware of what such visits typically seek to verify. This article discusses some areas of interest during the home study. Family Members' Personal Characteristics The people who visit your home before an adoption is approved are often interested in interacting with each of the members of your family to know what they think/feel about a child being brought into the home.
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